Thursday, October 25, 2007

Admin Spotlight:Firefrost

Q:So firefrost what was the best thing that ever happened to DL?

A:The best thing that happened to DL is his team, it is really dynamic and Alternate is the best game developer I know until now. He never gives up and always seeks forward. Even when he is alone, he is working hard so players could play with additional features in the game. There is also MissKaya, Skirmish, BaconBear, DeathBringer and DarkNaught that are a great help to Alternate. Finally there are the players like Polekin, evilernie and a lot of others that are a great support to DL. If DL didn’t have them it wouldn’t be existing by now ^^’.

Q:how did you come up with the name firefrost

A: wanted something eternal and opposite, so I thought of ice first because it is eternal. The opposite of ice is fire, which is also eternal, because through flames you reborn. Finally I end up with FireFrost. Quite simple, isn’t it ?

Q:what do you think about Dls current development speed.

A: Yes, I’m happy about the current development speed. I think rushing things isn’t good for the game or the administration. If it goes with everyone, then everyone will enjoy the game and developing it. If we start with a good base, we will have a great future.

Q:Will we see anything special from you during gameplay

A:I won’t have anything special during gameplay, except a character designed as my personality. I don’t like to show off too much, because I don’t want to be separated with the players by this admin-players barrier. I like to enjoy the game as much and with everyone.

Q:What do you say about Dls future?

A:I expect DL to become a great 2d game in the future: cute graphics (that it already has) and a great gameplay (Combat system, marriage, trading,…). Ihope that every 2d mmorpg gamers will come to this game.

A:will you move on to better jobs after DL?

Q: won’t really move on to bigger jobs after DL. I’m just a forum moderator and I like it. Maybe I’ll accept some forum moderators jobs, but it won’t go further than that. DL will be my main place to post.

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