Friday, September 14, 2007

Admin spotlight:Dawth

1)How did you become part of the team? Well, I met Alternate as my guild leader on EndlessOnline, and he told me about the game. I was interested in taking up a position on the staff, so I talked with Alternate a bit and applied. Now I'm here.

2) What are you planning on doing to benefit DL and its players? Well, as a Mod, I'll be keeping everything in order and making sure nothing gets out of hand. Will you be hard on annoying players? No, only Haxorz=P

3) Have you ever read the TRUEDL blog? I've read a bit of it, like the spotlight on HC and the entry about the staff loss. I plan on checking it out more.

4)What do you think about DLs current staff? Well, I know Alternate, Fire, and thug from Endless, and they're awesome, but I still have to meet the rest of the staff when the new server is up.

5)What do you know about DL? It's a medieval/fantasy MMORPG with TONS of features, a reasonable amount of players (easier to control), and a great staff. From what I've read, there's gonna be even MORE features implemented into the game. That should be cool...

6)Why the name Dawth? Ok, the name Dawth comes from a combination of my middle and last names, Thomas and Dawson. It's really simple, but it has stuck with me for 3-4 years.

7)Are you planning a special outfit for us in the future? Well, I JUST joined the team, so I haven't really had the chance to come up with anything yet

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