Monday, August 20, 2007

Staff problems

Dammit whats goin on with the staff lately with the exeption of E and HC no1 else isnt working as hard as they should firefrost slacking and to think he was such a great mod at first v2s being admin tested so wtf. Crap E i mean ill test it for ya if the others are slacking so hard misskaya left a king sized chest worth of ideas b4 she slacked again deathbringer switching sides dark o wait no i wanna be light lightbringer then deathbringer o wait did i miss one evilnator. misskaya was doing great from the start one of the longest running admins on DL so far she has great ideas but kaya come back or else.Headless chicken magnificent job keep it up dude welcome to DL.Alternate-E constantly working on the server just as any GM would website,download programming etc nice job E nice job. another switcheroo the musician supp555 o wait or is it sumthug now? focus on music not names. So the bottom line is E good idea putting up a application i wont apply but if things go to far i will. the only people worth keeping is Alternate-E and HCand kayas hanging by a thread the rest can go screw up some other game because this one has to much potiental.

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