Monday, August 20, 2007

Admin Spotlight Headless chicken

1.Q:So mr.chicken have you ever heard of the yulasian times? A:I am afraid to say that I haven't, but I am aware of it now, and I shall look further into it.

2.Q:How did you become part of the team? A:Well I believe it started with a post on the DeviantArt forums, from Alternate-E asking for the services of an artist, I simply left my details as I browsed past and thought no more of it. I later received an email from Alternate-E saying that he had looked at my art and was interested in enlisting me to the team, of course I modestly accepted, and here I am.

3.Q:Why are you called Headlesschicken? A:Well it started a long time ago, I can't quite remember, I was just trying to find a suitable username for something.. and well somehow HeadlessChicken came into my head, I've used it ever since everywhere I go online. I'm somewhat surprised I've got away with it so cleanly so far, I've only had to compromise a few times, I mean, Headless Chicken is a fairly common phrase.

4.Q:will the DL community see a special character look from you in the Darklight-Online v2 release? A:Ooh, well, that's a big ask, I've really only just arrived, I can't give a definite answer but I certainly can't deny it as a possibility.

5.Q:What do you think about DLs staff situation right now? A:As I said, I've really only just arrived, as far as I can see, there's no major stresses.

6.Q:are you thinking about quitting the team also? A:Already? ha! I doubt I'll be here forever, but I'm not going yet.
7.What do you think about DL? It's a very intriguing concept, I have done similar work for other MMORPGs of similar varieties, but, I mean, if I wasn't interested I wouldn't have signed on.

8.Q:Will you own a house,if so what would you have in it? A:Well, I'm not sure.. If I did it'd probably have some essentials, or just be a dumping ground for my junk.

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